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Replica Burberry Scarf first wrote about the fresh and distant sound like a flute, then wrote about the nostalgia and sense of loss like a mist, and finally used “never grow old” to express the eternal feelings of homesickness in the heart of the wanderer. Although yu guangzhong’s homesickness seems to be a little thinner, Burberry Scarf it still describes the depth and distance of homesickness and the everlasting melancholy feelings of homesickness in every wanderer’s heart.

Among all the poets in history, Burberry Scarf Replica the most famous poem of homesickness is the famous yellow crane tower by cui hao. The yellow crane will never return. Cheap Burberry Scarf hanyang trees, green grass parrots chau. Where is the village at sunset? It is sad on the yanbo river.”

In his famous essay “where is the village pass”, Burberry Scarf qiuyu said of cui hao’s famous “yellow crane tower” : “it seems that cui hao ascended the yellow crane tower at dusk.

This artistic conception of the past people, yellow crane, white clouds, luxuriant grass, sunset, smoke waves, rivers, are exactly the situation that leads to the end of homesickness. A talented poet, Fake Burberry Scarf faced with this situation, how can there be no such eternal swan song!