Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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During the period of serving as a defender, best burberry scarf knock offs lawyer Cheng met with the prosecutor during non-working hours and non-workplaces for the purpose of influencing the outcome of the case. After the investigation, the City Bar Association gave the lawyer Chengmou a six-month industrial disposition of the member's right, and the judicial administrative organ gave the lawyer fake burberry scarf ebay to stop practicing for six months.

According to the law, burberry scarf cheap when lawyers defend the black-related cases, they must regulate their operations and protect themselves in order to effectively defend them. In the above the lawyer disclosed the case to the family after the meeting, which is illegal. The most common practice is that family members must look at the prosecution opinion, know the witnesses, burberry raspberry sorbet chk scarf price and then look for witnesses. At this point, the lawyer can not disclose the list of witnesses, the lawyer can only tell the family members of the life of the detention center, replica gucci belt as well as procedural issues, and can not discuss the case still under investigation, review and prosecution with the family. Lawyers can't control their families. Once they get out of control, burberry inspired scarf they can hinder justice. In case two, lawyers are involved in civil cases with civil authorization. This is okay because lawyers can both criminally defend and civilize.

Under normal circumstances, it is not illegal to sign civil documents, but it is necessary to avoid the involvement of civil cases and criminal cases, such as the transfer of property alleged in this how to spot a fake burberry silk scarf In case three, the case is at the trial stage, and the indictment can be made public, but the commentary must be well-founded. There was another witness issue in burberry heart scarf replica. In fact, neither the family nor the lawyer can influence the witness (the public inspection law should be the same), and can only tell the witness to seek truth from facts. Case 5: Seeing the prosecutor in a non-workplace situation is not necessary and should not be. Something should be properly channeled, otherwise it is not clear. Lawyers should pay attention to summary and details. At the same time, the public inspection law should not exclude and hostile lawyers. The lawyers participate in the defense in order to show the whole facts, apply the law correctly, and guarantee the quality of case handling. It is because of the defense of a lawyer that the inadequacy of the case-handling unit can be found, real burberry scarf label so that the case can be handled fairly.

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