Thursday, October 25, 2018

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There is a scene in the large-scale rural TV drama Country Love Story: The lonely former village minister went to work as a cleaner and was humiliated by a woman who had picked up the seeds. He said that I wouldn’t be able to work without throwing garbage. In such an environment that allows sanitation workers to lose their social status and decent work, such discrimination is actually widespread in daily life. Many people unconsciously look down on the service industry practitioners or the bottom-level people. A small thing is to take the opportunity to attack, the other as a vent. The idea that sanitation workers are the bottom of the society and that they are spurned by prejudice is deeply ingrained in the concept of hierarchy.

Best Replica Burberry Scarf most tired and the longest lived, the lowest paid. At night, when the noisy streets become silent, there is always a group of people who use their sweat to silently water our city. They are sanitation workers. They should be respected people. No one is qualified to look down on them. There is no reason to look down on them. These old people who are away from the old age are away from the most difficult and dangerous work. The impression that they have left in the final stages of their lives should not be a face that is distorted by fatigue.

Replica Burberry Scarf Wholesale to improve the situation of sanitation workers being beaten and to protect the legitimate rights and interests of sanitation workers, the key is not to increase the penalties for the behavior of snoring and sanitation workers, nor is it appropriate to improve the sanitation of snoring and sanitation workers alone, but to improve sanitation. The social status of the working groups allows the general public to weaken and lose their bully mentality in front of the sanitation workers. On the one hand, government finances should increase investment in urban sanitation work, increase the salary level and welfare benefits of sanitation workers, attract more young people to work in sanitation workers, and optimize the sanitation workers team structure.

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