Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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as Mr Tsai says, total personality, first in sports. Aside from alumni donations and intercollegiate commercial game two economical factor, the other two social factors - paid attention to by the American society for sports and the university of understanding of the special role of sports in the cultivation of talents, especially to the present of Replica Burberry Watches society and university. Today, we are faced with the decline of students' constitution and the disappearance of the national masculinity. Can graduates from the top universities be able to cope with the complex and volatile business and political competition in the real world in their future leadership positions? In this sense, college admissions should not also can't be separated from society, on the contrary, should by the college admissions policy and behavior, impact, intervention and establish the social consensus and values of education. Top universities recruit sports special immortal, not just for the sake of active campus culture and won a big honor in the extramural match, more to arouse the students' attention and love of the sport, make him (her) temper in motion, to shape the soul and improve realm, the pursuit of excellence, the selection and training for the state and society in the future leaders. Sports special immortal admission does not mean that simple points, more does not recruit professional athletes, in order to improve the results of the competition does not mean to provide compensation at university retired athletes, and shall be included in the overall comprehensive evaluation system of college admissions, selecting suitable for university to cultivate the all-round development of talents, so as to realize the unification of the admissions standards. This is the starting point and destination of Replica Burberry Watches top universities.

Universities need to set up a series of goals for undergraduate education, Fake Burberry Watches such as to cultivate the students' innovation spirit and practice ability, critical thinking, and international vision, and so on, the traditional view is that these goals mainly through three ways: the first class and second class and third class. First class refers to courses, including various compulsory courses and elective courses. The main features of the course are specific teaching content, specific venues, specific times, and specific people. The second class refers to campus culture, which includes party organizations, student associations and various types of recreational and sports activities. The main feature of campus culture is moistening and silenced, emphasizing air conditioning and subtle edification. The third class refers to practice, including summer social practice, work-study and practice, etc. The main feature of practice is to put students in real life and increase their chances of reaching out to society. The three classes work together to promote students' growth and achieve the multiple goals of education.

Although this kind of classification has some truth, Replica Burberry Watches UK but based on the new Angle of education development, it solves some problems and brings more problems. On the surface, the three classrooms stresses the cultivation of student's quality and ability, but in fact, they tend to stay in the oral and written, to achieve the goals of university for undergraduate education rarely real real active measures are taken. If you continue to follow this old thought, you will not achieve the ideal undergraduate education goal, or even reduce the quality of education in your undergraduate degree.

First of all, it severely reduces the value of the curriculum itself, making the class degenerate into merely a place to impart knowledge. The course is the most important element of education undergraduate. Replica Burberry Watches Class is the most important carrier for students to accept education. The organization of the university runs, the main basis is the course and the class; Students' university life, mainly centered around courses and classroom development; To determine the quality of university, the faculty is the most important evaluation index. When the school starts, when the holiday will be, according to the teaching plan; Whether the student can graduate smoothly, to see whether the course grade is qualified; The difference between different majors, mainly different professional curriculum Settings, etc. Without the curriculum, universities lose the value and meaning of existence.

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