Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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This insight deeply influenced the policy of recruiting students at harvard and other top universities. In fact, America's top universities' preference for sports dates back to the Anglo-Saxon elite, Britain. The end of the 19th century, when the diamond magnate Cecil rhodes in Oxford University established the famous rhodes scholarship selection standard, has made it clear that he didn't want it, Replica Burberry Shoes For Men and to have the ability to some hobbies of manly outdoor sports and doing well, but also a bit of a brutal scholar. In order to ensure this, he even set a specific weight (20%) for the masculine movement and raised it to an equally important position with his studies.

The university's understanding of sports is directly affected by the selection of employees by the employing organizations - they have a special liking for sports special. For example, employers who hire harvard graduates believe that all students admitted to harvard are smart enough. In this case, the sports team and other leaders of the student groups will be more important, because as a leader of experience makes them more likely than average excellent students to success in the future work. In more extreme cases, a Wall Street consulting firm is looking for graduates to target only the captains of all university sports teams. Because it found that these students were more suited to the business world than those with high scores, such as perseverance, time management and problem-solving skills. And, of course, some of the varsity players went straight into the professional arena after college and gradually grew into a successful professional. For example, the most famous golfer in American history, Tiger Woods, Replica Burberry Shoes was at the pinnacle of his career from the Stanford university golf team.

What are the roles that universities and employers value in promoting student growth? The first is courage, perseverance and perseverance. Sports can help students to gain experience in the fierce competition and competition, in the face of backward and unfavorable situations, adjusting their mentality, coping with composure, making quick decisions and regaining vitality. Sports can also help students get used to the fact that they are against their will - not all games can win, he or she can lose, but not be defeated. The second is the awareness of the rules. All sporting events have a clear and fair rule, and participants must act within the rules and the rules will be punished. A competition will give students a deep understanding of the rules and the importance of following the rules. These experiences have a far greater impact on students' minds than they do in class. Third, teamwork spirit. Especially in group competitions, although personal ability is important, it is often the team effort that decides the final victory. Students will learn from their own experience that victory belongs to the team, not the individual. This requires athletes to have the spirit of self-service, to enjoy the success of success, to share the responsibility of failure, rather than to pass the buck. Last but not least, sports gives the soul a magical power to embody the human spirit of excellence in the most general sense. On the field, athletes must try their best to challenge themselves, to develop and utilize their potential, to reach the highest possible level. These qualities will play a vital role in the future life and career development of students, and universities should inject these valuable values into the souls of all students.

Mens Replica Burberry Shoes A third factor is alumni giving. For top private universities, this is one of the most important barometer of college admissions and training policies. Since donations are a major source of finance for private universities, universities cannot ignore their alumni's attitude, and there is no incentive or reason to reject his or her largesse. Many love sports alumni based on memories of college age to participate in sports activities, based on the 'spirit of sports, promote the development of the society profound cognition and invested large sums of money for the construction of the Alma mater of sports facilities and sponsoring sports games, and even direct the establishment of sports special immortal scholarship. The action of the alumni strongly promotes the development of college sports and the enrollment of sports students.

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