Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Replica Burberry Shirts only the course is the core and charm of education. Almost all of the undergraduate education goals -- critical thinking, expression, civic awareness, even job competitiveness -- can be achieved through the course. As long as the university can be the main energy into a door for the construction of a course, as long as the professor can responsibly for each course, can meet the students in the classroom, the basic demand for undergraduate education. Of course, campus culture and social practice still play a huge role in the process of talent cultivation, but their value lies in icing on the cake, supplement rather than substitute.
Teamwork is the most important capacity of modern society. Whatever the student's future career -- even academic work -- he or she needs to work with others to achieve a goal. On the employer's evaluation list, team cooperation ability comes first. But it's one thing to recognize the importance of teamwork, and how to train, train, and improve teamwork is another. The traditional view is that teamwork is acquired through campus culture. Indeed, students in a student club or organization a student activity in the process, will gradually learn to get along with others and cooperation, he (she) had to do it, otherwise unable to complete the task. Of course it is not wrong, but this view ignores the undergraduate education in training students' initiative in the team cooperation ability, irresponsible to the society the most emphasis on ability training in the negative, spontaneous and passive state, not all students benefit. Since teamwork is so important in the position in undergraduate education, the university will have to take a more positive attitude and measures, through the corresponding curriculum design, make every student can get in different degrees the for he (she) is of great significance, Replica Burberry Shirts For Men enhance the competitiveness of his (her) in the future.

It is the main reason that the curriculum cannot undertake the task of cultivating students' teamwork ability, which is the organizational form and teaching mode of traditional classroom. In a lecture hall of hundreds of people, Mens Replica Burberry Shirts a person is taught on stage, and students listen passively, but of course there is no chance to experience and exercise teamwork. But a small group of more than a dozen people can achieve this goal. A group of four or five students around a problem, find information, analyze problems, find solutions, both the division of labor between each other, and to have the cooperation, in the process of common to complete a specific task, to learn how to respect others point of view, coordination, implementation and the cooperation of others.

Even when students do report, they can cultivate their teamwork ability. The report is a common form of new teaching mode, which can effectively train students' verbal ability. What's interesting is that almost all students like to report independently, like a professor giving a speech on stage. All the students objected when I asked him or her to take the form of a group report - at least two people. This is not difficult to understand, because he or she is afraid of trouble and independent reporting is much simpler. But if students have the opportunity to attend more international meetings, Womens Replica Burberry Shirts it will be more common to report on a problem with two or three people.

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