Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Replica Burberry Jacket High Quality For Sale

Replica Burberry Jacket it is strange that, whether society or students, the least important thing is the curriculum. This is most clearly seen in the employment of recruiters. When students look for jobs, almost all employers don't value or even care about their academic records. Employers are most interested in sifting through their resumes, in the context of their school -- as long as they are graduates of prestigious universities, majors and grades are not important. Second, whether he or she has been the leader of a student cadre or a student organization; The third is whether he or she has the professional background and work experience in a particular field. In the final decision of the employment or not, it should be based on a series of comprehensive qualities including student interview performance. Of all the recruitment links, college courses are not included in the list. Only on two key nodes does the performance of the course work: first, it determines whether or not the student can graduate -- the grades are not up to the mark and must be redone; If an unqualified course reaches a certain number, it must drop out; Second, it determines whether students can successfully enter the next stage of study, such as research and study abroad. Even so, in the two link truly involves only a small number of students - for instance, in the top 5% and 5% after - for most students, the course grade high and low for him (her) are almost without any influence.

Students also generally do not value the courses and grades. Because he (she) from the employing organization behavior observed in the course grade for their jobs and the future development of no effect, Fake Burberry Jacket compared with the course, he (she) are more willing to put the time and energy into those who can increase the competitiveness of their employment skills, for example, English, all kinds of qualification certificate can prove its ability, and extracurricular activities, and so on. Unable to get enough motivation and goals from the course, he or she is often confused and confused in their minds: on the one hand, they do not know the value and meaning of the course learning. On the other hand, Mens Replica Burberry Jacket as a student, is it not his or her duty to study? Over a decade of learning, he or she has developed the habit of having to attend classes. However, why class? What does class mean? What's the use of these classes? What can you do without class? Students don't have a clear answer to these questions, Replica Burberry Jacket Mens and they don't even think about it at all. In fact, the attitudes of contemporary college students to their curriculums -- such as the large number of long live -- can be found here.

Secondly, it seriously distorts people's proper understanding of the education undergraduate course, putting the cart before the horse and causing the actual confusion. The course is the foundation of the university, Womens Replica Burberry Jacket and the present is born. No one can deny that education university should cultivate students' quality and ability in all aspects, but these qualities and abilities should be obtained in any way, but there are many disputes. In my opinion, curriculum teaching is the most important means and means to cultivate students' quality and ability, and cannot put their hopes on campus culture completely. At best, campus culture can only serve a limited complement. It is clear to us that the systematic, rigorous and scientific nature of the course system that has been refined through the ages cannot be matched by any other carrier.

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