Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Replica Burberry Clothes And so on the one hand, in the long-term practice, with the support of a large number of scientific research, students in the process of study, through reading, thinking, practice and discussion, gradually understand how teachers from plain phenomenon found in and asking questions, and how to think and solve problems, and he (she) have to be doing a scholar. This old hen chicks practice, is to broaden students' horizons, training students' thinking and cultivate students' quality, the main way to improve students' ability, is army of undergraduate education, campus culture can only be as guerrillas. On the other hand, the systematic, rigorous and scientific nature of curriculum system is the most lacking in campus culture. Campus culture is just the opposite of the curriculum. It is loose, disordered and haphazard, invisible and untouchable, and people are not able to gather it together through conscious action. In fact, if that happens, Womens Replica Burberry Clothes campus culture loses its soul and vitality.

Of course, Cheap Replica Burberry Clothes I have no intention of denying that campus culture plays an important role in the development of students. A large number of studies have confirmed that students learn much more from outside the classroom than they do in the classroom. Students learn more from their classmates than from teachers. However, this just shows that college courses have not played their due role and have not met the needs of the students, Replica Burberry Clothes Mens and the quality needs to be further improved. If the regulars unable to shoulder the responsibility, effective, of course, have to rely on guerrillas, but the modern social demand for university education and expectations are so high, guerrillas alone is unlikely to complete the task, must let the regulars accept frontal battlefield combat, and make guerrillas echo and complementary in flank.

Third, it exacerbates the disconnect between theory and practice. The university has its own limitations, which can be seen from the slightly ironic title of ivory tower. Professors only care about areas and research they are interested in, often out of reality. In addition, the lofty of intellectuals, and college in order to keep its own independence and consciously and social distance, are to some extent hindered the university into the real life. Practical teaching is an important part of the curriculum, especially for engineering colleges. But the reality is that most courses don't pay attention to the practice, or simply do the practice as an ornament, Mens Replica Burberry Clothes without actually producing the actual effect. The concept of third class is proposed, ostensibly to emphasize the status of practice, in fact, the most important link of practical teaching is extracted from the curriculum. The seriousness of the problem is that because of the third class lack of effective organization and management, and makes the essential practice for students' growth in the undergraduate course education is in fact the marginalized status, except few professional social practice is the university students condiment rather than necessities of life, no help students better understand social, improve their ability to solve practical problems.

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