Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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The final factor is the interest drivers of inter-school business competitions. In America, Replica Burberry HandBags where pragmatism prevails, this is actually the most important factor. Although in accordance with the provisions of the national university sports federation and the ivy league, to participate in the game must be an amateur athletes and amateur athletes, not through the game to make money, but the intercollegiate competition between is real business competition. They bring a lot of money to universities: part of the income comes from ticket sales. Traditional football, hockey and baseball games tend to attract the participation of hundreds of thousands of spectators, not only students and alumni, but also students' parents and residents of their communities.

The other part of the income comes from television and website coverage of sporting events. Some of the revenue comes from naming fees and commercial billboards, which are filled with commercial billboards on virtually every university's field of hockey. In addition to income, the commercial of intercollegiate competitions is reflected in the compensation expenses of sports coaches. These coaches are the highest-paid people in college, far higher than the university professors, and their pay levels depend entirely on market competition. For example, the first paid a football coach in the history of Harvard University bill · rhett salary than the harvard professor of more than 30%, can even and has 40 years of the principal qualifications elliott than income.

I once thought, and the Replica Burberry Bags university to recruit sports special immortal often drop a similar percentage of two, of the university of America's top sports special immortal also depend on lower admission standards to be admitted. In fact, this could be a misreading. That may be true of the average state university, but at least top universities like harvard and Stanford have not lowered standards and quality of education for sports students. Stanford university admissions office director Edward shaw told me that Stanford recruit sports special immortal, indeed because of academic performance and sports specialty is also prominent, up to the university entrance standard to be admitted. The only difference is that, among the many factors that determine his or her admission results, sports expertise is the most effective, but that does not mean that his academic performance is not up to par.

The United States university has a background in sports development, whether social or economic, it does not exist in Replica Burberry Bags, at least not significantly. The main purpose of Replica Burberry Bags universities to recruit sports specialties is still to focus on the active campus culture and to win the honor in the inter-school sports competition. Therefore, the problems analyzed in the article of the art of special life also exist in the case of sports special students, and will not be repeated here.

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